Wednesday, June 5, 2013

5 Ridiculous Restaurant Signs in Tokyo

There are a million and one wonderful restaurants in Tokyo, but sometimes their signs are pretty spectacular as well.

1. At Nemaki Neko ("pajama cat") Restaurant, you can enjoy the delicious cook-it-yourself-in-a-hot-pot tradition of shabu-shabu with a twist: your food is served to you by staff in cosplay. Boiled meat and girls dressed as maids and nurses with cat ears - a winning combination.

2. Feel a little more pescatarian? The sign for Kaikaya helpfully points out that the restaurant is "owned by a mysterious Japanese man who cooks marvelous seafood dishes." Who can say no to that?

3. Despite suspicious lies to the contrary, the Ghetto is a fine place for some Happy Dining. Ghett-outta here!

4. Ready to throw back a few cold ones? Well head on down to The Bar of Corn Barley, where you'll find nothing but the finest selection of Corn Barley-derived beverages.

 5. Finally, finish up your night at Bar Tina, which is as well known for its cocktail specials as it is for being "Full of Black Music."

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