Saturday, March 30, 2013

Groove IP settings for the HTC One V

I've had the HTC One V for a few months now. It's a well-built, affordable phone with amazing battery life and Virgin Mobile's inexpensive plans. On the downside, it's a slow phone on a slow network (Sprint 3G) and burdened with HTC Sense. I'll go into how to make the HTC Sense part less painful in another post, but if you're using Groove IP, here's how to configure it properly for this model.

Launch Groove IP, go into the settings, and set them as follows:

Troubleshooting menu

  • Enable Keep Screen On or Partial Wake Lock. If you're using the free Groove IP Lite, then your only choice is Keep Screen On (actually, it won't let you disable it on this device). The downside of this option is that because the screen never goes off, it's very easy to accidentally hang up on people with your face. If you decide to pony up $4.99 for the full version, you can disable Keep Screen On and turn on Partial Wake Lock instead.
  • Audio Processing: On
  • Audio Routing: On
  • Mic Buffer: Small
  • Mic Source: VoIP

Audio/Echo Settings menu

  • Speaker Vol: -2 (tweak to your liking)
  • Mic Gain: 2

Figuring out these settings required a bunch of trial and error. It was really helpful to do test calls to 909-390-0003 so I could hear what I sounded like to other people (when you call, it doesn't ring or say anything, it just replays whatever you say back to you). Alternatively, find a really patient friend. Also, if your Wi-Fi connection is marginal, no amount of tweaking is going to fix things.

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