Saturday, May 2, 2009

world famous CGM Night v4

Danny Choo and Andrew Shuttleworth put on the fourth fun edition of this Tokyo nerdfest at Nishi-Azabu's excellent Super Deluxe venue.

Among the highlights:
- Danny reveling in the glory of his new Nikon TV commercial
- Kevin Cooney (tokyocooney) announcing the launch of Jibtv, a website sharing Japanese TV with the world. Although, unfortunately, it's not available within Japan -- complain here).
- Cool demo by the CEO of EyeFi (although people were rude and talking loudly during the demo)
- People going nuts over the availability of new Poken (?)
- Jonny Li showing me how to do light painting with my D60
- Meeting Amano Ai!

(Photo: Steve Nagata)

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