Sunday, April 12, 2009

nLite and why you shouldn't leave Modem Support out of XP

When I was creating my super l33t XP SP3 slipstream CD with nLite, I didn't include Modem Support. When am I going to use a modem?

Fast forward and I'm trying to install the BlueSoleil Bluetooth drivers, but the installer fails because it is missing Modem Support.

Turns out not including Modem Support can cause issues if you're trying to install a 3g modem or a bluetooth dongle. And there's no easy way to restore modem support without a full reinstall of Windows.

Fortunately, after some intensive Googling, I was able to find a solution. (Thanks, Internets!) I also came up with a streamlined method to make it easier for other people in the same boat.

Manual way (skip this unless you want to know the nitty-gritties):
1) Follow the instructions in post #8 in this thread -- you'll need an XP CD or a known good XP install source to copy files from. One file that is not listed that should go into system32 is msports.dll.
Important: To extract files from your XP CD, you can't just copy them directly -- they will be garbled. You have to use the command line Expand utility.
2) Expand mdmgen.inf to your PC, right-click it, and click "Install." (tip from here)
3) Reregister mdminst.dll.
4) Restart and try your install again.

That was painful, no?

Slightly less painful way:
- Download
- Copy the files in the inf, system32, and system32_drivers (system32\drivers) folders into the corresponding directories in your Windows directory.
- Double-click modem.reg, and confirm.
- Right-click mdmgen.inf and click "Install."
- Start > Run > cmd. Type: regsvr32.exe %SystemRoot%\System32\mdminst.dll (it will give you an error message, but that's fine)
- Restart

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