Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lotte Fit's gum and dancing in my underwear

By now you've probably all seen the way-too-catchy TV ad (or "CM" as they say here) for Lotte Fit's gum, which is a soft gum in Orbitz-style packaging. (Most gum here comes in gross hard pellets.)

The ad starts a cute idol named Nozomi, but the really cool part is the dance contest where you can make your own video to the dance. Dance moves illustrated here:

I entered my video, but it'll take a while for them to post it, so in the meantime I'll let you enjoy the one I posted myself (EDIT: They posted it, so I've updated the embed. Whoever has the most views by May 11 wins $10k and a year of gum, so please watch as many times as you can stand and tell your friends!):

Please share with your friends ( and post comments on the video page.

I made this all by lonesome with a Canon iVIS (Vixia) HF10, iMovie, and a SLIK U6600 tripod. Additional helpful software: Final Cut Express (for conversion from AVC-HD) and the truly amazing freeware app MPEG Streamclip for deinterlacing and conversion. Props to Macworld for the handy tips on conversion.

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Nice Tambourine said...

how did you enter??? and where did you get the music??? D: