Sunday, March 8, 2009

Skytap: Cloud-based virtual PC lab for testing and development

SkyTap is an interesting startup providing virtual PC labs for businesses. From CNET: "Skytap is a Seattle-based start-up targeting a "lab in the cloud" concept (my term, not theirs) in which enterprises can acquire resources for on-demand development, test, training, proof-of-concept and demonstration workloads. What differentiates their offering is a sophisticated front end, targeted at what lab managers need to control resource availability and costs, in front of what would normally be thought of as an Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering."

So rather than build up (and ultimately tear down) a lab for a specific project, you can rent a virtual lab on SkyTap. "You can develop and run your applications and virtual machines unchanged in the cloud on the industry leading hypervisors, including VMware and Xen, with planned support for Microsoft Hyper-V. Skytap supports all operating systems that run on these hypervisors, including Microsoft Windows, Solaris and Linux variants." (

While Google internally has a variety of tools for facilitating testing across multiple platforms without having actual machines in front of you, it's great to see this functionality being made available broadly.

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